83. Era of Lira

Edition of 53 copies
9” x 12 ½” x ¼”

This work is an over-sized Italian faux-wallet containing 53 bank notes of Italian Lira with messages added by random Italian residents using graffiti and rubber stamps. The artist, interested in the fact that people commonly used bank notes for various categories of communication, from shopping lists to chain letters to political messages, removed many bank notes from circulation in the 1990’s until the Euro replaced the Lira in the year 2000. The artist scanned the bank notes and had them printed on acid-free paper with Risoprint. The 53 facsimile notes were then cut out by hand and mounted on 12 pages in categories, slipped into acid-free plastic sleeves sewn into the wallet.

Wallet made of bookbinding cloth heat-stamped with the title and artist’s name in gold lettering on the back cover. Interior wallet pages sewn to cover by sewing machine. Faux-Lira bank notes printed in Risoprint by Inuit in Bologna, Italy. Text describing the categories printed in rubber stamp.

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