20. Red Ages A B.C.-A.D. (sic)

Edition of 150 copies
Book closed: 3.5″ x 3.5″ (9c x 9c)
Book open: 54.25″ x 3.5″ (138c x 9c)

This is Red’s second multiple edition, following his debut in the printed world with Red Empire, 1990. This leporello silkscreen edition on acid-free paper conveys Red’s continuing sense of humor with plays on words and a singular ability to adapt to any given situation. In Red Ages, Red lends himself to the depiction of the History of Man beginning in the age of reptiles and ending on Broadway. He chooses to avoid the technological era, limiting himself to more playful and less automated activities.

The text itself mimics Red’s polymorphic qualities-commencing with the texture of reptilian skin, rising and righting itself with Homo Erectus and tumbling with the Roman Empire. Each cover has a figure in relief showing Red as the Indian Prince Rama posed in the Hatha Yoga position, “The Tree,” or as a reptile crawling on its belly, depending on the viewer’s point of perspective.


Red Reptile

Red Rex

Red Rises

Red Reflects

Red Rites

Red in Ramses Tomb

Red Rama


Red Roman

Red Riddler

Red Renaissance

Red Rococco

Red beard

Red Rider

Red Revue



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